2 Pillowcases 1 Floral 1 Solid Pink Pillow Covers for ToddlerTravel Pillows



TODDLER & TRAVEL PILLOWS: These adorable Maddie Moo pillowcases are designed to perfectly fit 13?? x 18?? and 14?? x 19?? travel or toddler pillows. Rather than putting a standard case on your child??s pillows, get them the right size and make their room or nursery look as darling as you originally imagined. These versatile cases are also perfect for traveling in a car or plane.ADORABLE PRINTS: Each of our pillowcases comes in a variety of cute and versatile prints, so no matter the style or decor, you??ll always be able to find something to match your child’s bed sheets. Some of our available prints include a patriotic USA flag option, a colorful star pattern, chevron, a pink princess print, rainbow, floral, and more.STYLISH & COMFORTABLE: Our pillowcase designs are stylish and comfortable. We have a variety of textures, prints, and fabrics to choose from. Some of our pillowcases come in silky sateen, a plush, velvety smooth texture, or classic cotton. Many cases also have a convenient envelope closure so the pillow cover doesn’t slip down. Each pillowcase set is machine washable for convenience.SLEEP SOUNDLY: These pillowcases are just the thing you or your child needs to get a good rest. Whether it??s nap time or you are trying to get some shut-eye on your business trip, these pillowcases are soft, soothing, and help you or your child relax and get the sleep you need. Use these conveniently sized pillowcases on your travel pillow on the plane, in the car, or as an extra pillow in bed.MADDIE MOO QUALITY: At Maddie Moo, we specialize in creating products that make your life as a parent easier. We carry a variety of vital parenting accessories including nursing aprons, car seat canopies, diaper changing mats, and, of course, our lovely pillowcases. We are dedicated to providing quality products that make your life more convenient.?See more product details


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